•  Are you ready to push your resilience limits or enjoy a leisurely stroll with a supportive community? Step into Action Walks has something for everyone.


     Step into Action is a resilience movement built around the walking experience. Together, we're building a community where shared stories, connection and acts of resilience pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. 

  • Step into Action, Walks.

    Challenge yourself: Take part in our exciting 24-hour walk events and test your physical and mental resilience. It's a chance to achieve something extraordinary! Individual and Teams welcome.


    Enjoy the journey: Prefer a more relaxed pace? Join our community walk and soak up the atmosphere. Walk as much or as little as you like, connect with fellow walkers, and create lasting memories.


    No matter your fitness level, Step into Action Walk welcomes you! We're also seeking businesses interested in partnering with this incredible walking festival.


    Become a Partner: Want to make a significant social impact around Mental Health and reach a connected community? Step into Action walks will offer exciting sponsorship opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Support a great cause, gain brand exposure, and connect with our vibrant community.


    Together, we can make the next Step into Action walk a success! Register below to walk, learn more about partnership opportunities, or join our facebook communiity to stay updated.